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Himeji Castle Michiomi Kawai 0470 M 1500 x 1290 (251 KB) Sunno (Michiomi) Kawai was the first retainer of the Ikedas at Himeji Castle.
The carved wood structures at the apex of each gable are called Gegyo, as in early days they were fish-shaped (gegyo means hanging fish).
Himeji Castle West Bailey x 1092 ( 810 KB) Framed with sakura in the West Bailey.
The Banner below leads to the Japan Collections page where a Gallery can be selected.Note that the upper floor is wider than the lower floor.Read More, jAM to Honor Voodoos Last Flight Anniversary.No watermark) Himeji Castle x 1092 (465 KB) This shot from the Southwest shows the complex multistory tamon nagaya gallery with its firing slits and ishi-otoshi stone drops supporting the outer wall over the western approach.The Lord of Tanegashima bought two matchlocks from the Portuguese on board and had his swordsmiths copy the barrel and firing mechanism.Himeji Castle Gunracks 0461 M 1469 x 1290 (406 KB) More matchlock muskets.
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The trapezoidal structure at the lower left is the Aburakabe (oil wall a compacted earthen wall which is not normally required in this position in a castle.

Himeji Tamon Nagaya Sumi Yagura x 1092 (633 KB) Atop the tamon nagaya (roofed protective corridor) in the West Bailey, at the corner is a sumi yagura (corner turret).209a - Euro Münzen, Banknoten, Geldscheine.Himeji Castle is in the following Gallery (Direct Link).At the bottom left is the Ishi-otoshi stone drop, and on the floor above are firing slits.Euro Banknoten, or, planet, mehr als 350.000 gefälschte Euro-Banknoten wurden in der zweiten Hälfte des vergangenen Jahres aus dem Verkehr gezogen.1 888 MY-nlbwa, this email address is being protected from spambots.Pinterest, a Bunch of NEW Slots To Try This Week!One of the mysteries of Himeji Castle.It was brought to Himeji from the nearby Okishio Castle when Himeji Castle was first built, making it the oldest gate in the castle.
For many centuries, it was used to determine the order of the kana characters in the alphabet (such as our ABCs and it was also used to create an order for objects when numbers were not used.